I Am A Balloon Artist

I am not the average balloon twister (or clown) seen at restaurants, or birthday parties; I am a balloon artist, a sculpture who uses latex, air, and imagination to create incredible figures, scenes and costumes. I have practiced balloons for 15 years and have making balloons professionally for 7 years. In that time I have entertained thousands of people at restaurants, parties, conventions and corporate events throughout Florida. My work has bee After learning how to twist balloons when I was eight; my mom’s boyfriend then showed me how to make a one-balloon dog, this was very interesting and I wanted to learn more.  Eventually, I started making balloons for my church when I was younger, though I never thought about twisting seriously until my junior year of college:  A professional entertainer named Dave Evens visited my university and said he would create balloons for all the students; this swayed my opinion for what was a suitable age group; he created the most elaborate balloon art I had ever seen (at that time) and he did it for over a thousand people.  This, along with Captain Visuals Big Book of Balloon Art for beginners and instructional DVDs, inspired me to follow the same path of artistry.  The first thing I learned is that professional balloon art is not for those with weak imagination.  I quickly learned by studying and practicing the balloons in that book for over a year for three to five hours a day.  I got to where I felt confident enough to perform on River Street, the busiest historical street in Savannah, when I wasn’t in school or doing professional gigs. Here I learned how to not only interact with guests from all over the world, but I also learned what captured my audience’s attention (singing, balloon puppetry, jokes) and what was unnecessary for entertaining (bad costume pieces, and props). Busking (street performing) also gave me the opportunity to challenge myself by making balloons not featured in my book taking elaborate requests from street patrons when it was slow. This allowed me to add bigger and more extravagant creations to my pop-able portfolio.

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Examples of Featured and Award-Winning Balloons

Balloon Baymax CosplayBalloon Shadow of the Colossus CosplayCheese Sandwich Balloon Cosplay Balloon Discord Cosplay Balloon EVA 02 Cosplay Balloon Heavy Weapons Guy 1 Balloon Lord Zedd Balloon Hercule Balloon Solid Snake Balloon Super Saiyan Balloon Shinning Armor, Princess Cadience and Princess Flurry Heart 1 Balloon Yang Balloon Tyranosaur DinoZord Cosplay Big Bad Wold Balloon Cosplay Big Marty Balloon Gateway 26 Buckbeak Balloon Cosplay Colossal Titan Balloon Cosplay Colossalsan Squid and Deadpool discord_and_smooze Eps 7 Make New Friends But Keep Discord Flim and Flam Eps 25-26 Cutie Remark Knightro the Knight UCF Balloon Cosplay Nightmare Moon Balloon Party Favor Giant Balloon Season 5 Eps 1-2 Cutie Map Powdered Toast Man Balloon 1 Award-Winning Balloon Bowser Cosplay Balloon Thunder Megazord Cosplay Paul and Sean's Wedding Balloons Pony Meets World Balloon Mini-Gun Balloon K2SO Pony Meets World Balloon Mini-Gun Balloon Onix and Brock (Chinese Dragon Style Balloon Puppet) Balloon Oogie Boogie Cosplay Doomsday Balloon Cosplay Balloon Gastly for AFO Rave Sailor Balloon Cosplay