While a lot of Mobicon is make believe, we did run into a real life superhero masquerading as a balloon artist. Bruce Carr sings while he makes balloon art. He started playing with balloons when he was 9 years old and now can make more than 3,000 creations. He also modeled a larger than life superhero costume made of balloons. Beneath all the balloons is a real message. Carr has Asperger Syndrome. Through his work he travels the country and takes every opportunity to not only entertain but educate. 

                                                                                                                                                                  WLOX 13 News

Bruce Carr’s creative work is sheer delight! A creative Master in the whimsical medium of Balloon Art!

                                                                         Cathy Weseluck, Voice Actor (My Little Pony-Spike the Dragon) 

       “If you see these reducliously awesome creations, Bruce Carr is our balloon guy and he made these!”

                                                                     Chad James, Senior Manager of Screwattack/Host of Death Battle 

“The amazing Bruce Carr, balloon artist extraordinaire!” 

                                                       Johnny Yong Bosch, Black Power Ranger/Voice Actor (Bleach-Ichigo) 

“He’s the Dale Chihuly of Balloons!” 

                                                                                                                 Bob Camp, Co-Creator of Ren and Stimpy

“A Balloon Artist Beyond Compare!”

                                                                                                                         Drew Garabo, Host of 102.5 The Bone

When I was at the Grand Brony Gala this month I had the pleasure of seeing No Ordinary Balloon Man in action! Not only in designing this amazing display but as he made balloon creations for con goers and children alike. 

                                                                                             Calpain, Administrator and Editor of Equestria Daily     

Bruce is an extremely talented artist.  I mean just look at the incredible mash-up he created for two of my cartoon characters, MEGAMAN + SILVER SHILL (My Little Pony).  Hire him, he’s amazing!

                                                                                           Ian James Corlett, Voice Actor (Megaman-Megaman)

Laughter and smiles filled my classroom when Bruce Carr delighted my 18 students with a visit. His name rings true in that Mr. Carr is No Ordinary Balloon Man, thrilling children, not just with his unique balloon art, but with his singing, dancing, and actively involving every child, making each one feel special. Whether he is constructing balloon animals blindfolded, or making impressions of beloved characters such as Mickey Mouse and SpongeBob, children won’t take their eyes off of Bruce while he performs. I highly recommend, Bruce Carr, for any event where laughter and fun is your goal. He is an extraordinary, magical performer that will enchant people of all ages.

 Natalie Holland, Teacher, Chain of Lakes Elementary School

Dear Bruce,
Thank you for your participation at the Grand Brony Gala, August 15-17, 2014. Your participation in the events and creation of the centerpieces for the Gala contributed greatly to the success of the convention. The life-sized pony princesses you created were extraordinary, with so much detail and care put into each creation. Our special guests also greatly appreciated the additional two creations you made of the cartoon characters which they voice.
We certainly hope you will return again next year.

Arlene Jacobs, Vice President Grand Brony Gala

Bruce Carr will definitely be returning next year I’ve had so many fantastic comments on his balloon skill and his singing talents and keeping people entertained I have known Bruce for many years and he will be back

“When I first heard about Bruce, I was basically thinking ‘yeah, okay, I’ve seen balloon art before, what’s the big deal?’ Then I saw what he did, and I was just gobsmacked, just totally amazed. This was a strange and wonderful kind of entertainment far and above so many other things I’d seen. In fact, this happened at a pop-culture convention full of all sorts of wondrous distractions, but Bruce’s Balloon creations were far and away the greatest entertainment on hand. Absolutely stunning!”

– Chris Patton, Voice Actor (Full Metal Alchemist-Greed) 

– Syfy Saturdays

“it was a great pleasure having Bruce at our conference in Orlando Florida earlier this year. He was there at the request of one of the vendors at the show, and I believe provided a great value for the vendor, and entertainment to the attendees of the conference.”

– Chris Hammond, Director of Training, DotNetNuke Corporation

I have had the joy of working with Bruce for the past couple of years and I can say that he is a joy to work with. Bruce is not only great with kids and having fun, but he is a genuinely great person with a good heart. He is an excellent entertainer and has all the qualities to make your next event a blast.

– Johnathon Gerber, Twisted Artz LLC

“At first, I didn’t see Bruce at the show, I just started seeing these balloon items start appearing on and around people at the convention. Within a few hours you could see them in any crowd and people were all talking about them! When I met him, he made a balloon hat for the logo of our company that we wore the rest of the day! I would recommend adding him to any convention or tradeshow booth to get that attention!”

– Ryan Moore, Moore Creative Company

Chili’s Kissimmee is fortunate enough to have balloon artists from Twisted Arts entertain our guests on a daily basis. Through this relationship we have been introduced to Bruce. He is one of the best I have seen! Our guests give him praise on a regular basis and he makes it a pleasure each and every time he is here! I have written Twisted Arts about Bruce on several occasions due to his above and Beyond attitude! It is rare to find someone who truly loves their job and does it incredibly well, Bruce is that person! He is a true joy with tremendous talent!

– Tinagaby- Managing Partner, Chili’s Kissimmee, Florida

Upon meeting Bruce, I immediately appreciated his delightful personality. He is very comfortable conversing and has mastered superb eye contact. He reflects an incredible level of motivation and eagerness as he interacts. He welcomes opportunity and contributes all of himself to the challenge. Parents enjoy his cheerful personality and the kids would prefer to follow him around the restaurant. Bruce has a gift of customer service. Bruce would be a tremendous asset to any company requiring interaction with people/ customers.

– Less DeLoach, Marketing Director Chick-fil-A Abercorn, Savannah, Georgia